Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Managed Wired & Wireless Network

Many organizations opt for a Wired Network due to the high reliability it offers. Unlike Wireless, a Wired Network allows for provisioning a dedicated bandwidth, delivers high link throughput and performance, and helps allocate restricted physical access to specific departments or users as per business priorities. TechSol can enables you with solution scoping and network mapping besides installation and support for both,Wired as well as Wireless Network. We also help you to procure the right components as per your choice.

While implementing Wireless solutions Indoor, TechSol ensures there are minimal changes to your present office Infrastructure and interiors by doing proper survey. We help you to select the right components, such as the correct Network Adapters, Switches, Access Points, WiFi Controller & services. Thanks to the easy availability of technology, you can get dual band dual radio WiFi devices with more than 1Gbps speed. While carrying out a thorough survey of your premises along with heat-map, we also assist you with planning, designing and implementation of your WiFi Network so that your network backbone remains stable and delivers high performance at all times.

While providing Right solution, TechSol considers business operations point of view for better manageability by your IT staff.

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